39 thoughts on “Rocks Off

    1. Package Goods:
      None. The Club’s testicle license does not permit the sale of testicles for consumption off premises. An unfinished pair of gonads that have been served with a meal and are re-packaged so that the organ is covered with the container lid may be taken home when carried in the furthest back seat of a vehicle. External reproductive glands may not be brought into the Club other than through a licensed testicle distributor.

          1. OMG!

            [ yet, this p.m. on that fucking piano was kinda like that. Amazingly awful. Stunning, really. Like that pile of dinosaur shit in Jurassic Park. Hard to believe, and yet it's there. A complete WTF are you doing , Blue? ]

    1. The above is/is not stupider than this?

      Thomas Massie
      @RepThomasMassie of Kentucky
      Over 70% of Americans who died with COVID, died on Medicare, and some people want #MedicareForAll ?

  1. That pic reminded me to check on what the former Shadow Chancellor Edballs is up to but ID
    won't let me link to it without moderation.

    Former Shadow Chancellor Ed B___ will be the guest speaker at the NFDA Spring B___ when it returns to ‘Celebrate Automotive Excellence’ in April.

    Four awards will be presented at the National Franchised Dealers Association’s (NFDA) flagship event – including a brand new ‘Green Dealer Initiative’ Award – hosted by Mark Durden-Smith at the Grove Hotel Golf & Spa Resort, Hertfordshire, on April 2.

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