46 thoughts on “Hey, Ho Let’s Go

        1. Also, you ever heard of a sci/horror writer Michael Shea?
          Read one by him, his best apparently , called The Autopsy

          1. First one I ever read, as a kid. Part of a long forgotten anthology.

            Huh, Shea's new to me but thanks. On my list now.
            In Shea’s novel, Mr. Cannyharme stalks the seedy Mission District of San Francisco in the aftermath of the hippie movement of the 1960s. Holed up in a rundown hotel, the seemingly harmless Cannyharme—aged, feeble, bent almost double with a crippling disease—is the focus of the supernatural terror in the novel.

            This reminds me much of Harlan Ellison's | Shattered Like a Glass Goblin |. A worthy read, if and when you're ready for it.

            If you haven't run into him yet you'll appreciate | Charlie Stross |. Start with The Atrocity Archives.

          2. Autopsy is in a 2114 issue of LIGHTSPEED. I have a large pdf of the issue i can send if you want.

          3. Will do.
            Former vinyl dude has a bunch of horror stuff. Probably all of Ellison Will see if he has
            Stross. Only thing is, like the vinyl, don't dare get so much as a smudge on the books or I'll have to buy new ones.

        1. I can see it now………

          Gather 'round children and listen to tales of 2:22 on 2/2/22.

          Fuck you loser old man weirdo

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