29 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Next Genitalia

  1. The yonic craft was designed to signal inclusivity and the group has started a petition on change.org calling on the European Space Agency to consider the project.

    I can't decide whether this is a complicated satirical troll or serious, but I do know that Kirk would for sure put his dick in it.

        1. I followed that for about 2 days then got tired of it filling up the whole timeline. Still hilarious, but I just wait until someone I follow to tweet one.

  2. Anybody ever use a starter heatshield?
    Heat-soak time of year is approaching. I'm looking at new batt, starter, solenoid and cables.

      1. Starters, you mean? Yeah, was looking at it and wondered just how well it could possibly work. Especially since I've had problems just from summer heat without the engine running. The heat saps just enough to be a problem. Old parts is old parts. Started fine for years. Now, not so much.

        1. I once bought a Subaru wagon at a yard sale for $100. They said the FWD didn't work, but it drove OK on the rear axle. When I got it home (under it's own power!) I got under it and discovered the exhaust manifold was directly underneath the CV joint and it cooked all the grease out of it and it failed. Meh. $100 car, I just took a torch to the remains of the shaft and removed the other one and drove it. Later sold it for $100, but I took the battery. Free battery, yay!

          1. I had never lost so many friends at one time before, or since. That's one bummer about small town living, everyone knows everyone, and it affected us all mightily. In my case, I was dating his daughter so that was particularly close.

          2. Tragic accident. Nothing like a murderous despot in a bordering country trying to level your home.

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