33 thoughts on “The Latest in Ancient Cephalopods

  1. Last year, shortly after US President Joseph Biden took office, scientists wrapped up the details of their newest aquatic discovery. Though worlds apart, these milestones now share a page in history.

    Coincidence? I think not!

    On Tuesday, in the journal Nature Communications, the research team announced that post-inauguration, they'd identified the oldest-known vampyropod, which is a distant relative of modern octopuses and vampire squid. The latter of the two is known for its cape-like, blood-colored body. As an homage to the 46th US president, the slippery creature earned the name Syllipsimopodi bideni.

    We have been aware of Biden's cephalopodization for quite some time and after 300 million years he's got the human camouflage technique down.

    1. Related:
      Resident Alien asshole let a dog attack the octopus and kill it. Fucker.
      The 'poignant scenes ' in the show are starting to get on my nerves too. Still, it makes the Sundays with Sis a little more tolerable.

  2. Just got a text that began "Hi Vicki" Had link and asked if I would review the work a certain company had done for her. Tempting……….But won't fuck with them. Might be some bad spam also.

      1. Cool.

        …..they pull particles out of the ocean, such as bits of plankton or poop

        [ mulls-over ideas for restaurant chain…..]

        eta [ figures Paltrow already has something in the works ]
        eta a [ come to think of it, used to take carob/spirulina bars hiking ]

  3. John Oberlin
    The price of oil dropped 20% over the last 7 days.

    The price of gasoline went up.

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