102 thoughts on “Is Your Peduncle Elongated?

      1. Cool. I almost always jab myself with a string when changing them, and somehow don't notice until
        there's already blood splat.

        1. Yes.

          I used to get all liquored up and insist on playing harmonica with the bar band. Never mind that they were mostly bluegrass and I was blues, they let me do it. Years later I asked why they put up with me, and one of them said because it's music, and I wasn't afraid to express myself in my art. I wasn't that bad at it, just way off genre. 50 years later, they're still recording, even though they live 2K miles apart.

          1. I was 14 when it came out. I can name that tune in one note, and still know all the lyrics, but I don't remember dinner last night.

          2. I fucking love that song.
            There's a live looooonnnng version I used to have on cassette. Will try to find it on the web.

          3. I remember that version, too. Some underground station I listened to would play it on like Sunday nights, the most subversive of nights in early FM broadcasting.

          4. Mad Magazine sometimes included little cardboard records. This one and Deteriorata were the stand-outs.

    1. Did I recently mention my plan to replace the 'Big Ben' 1/4 hour bells at the fucking church a couple blocks away with
      that first verse? It mostly scans into four parts.

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