51 thoughts on “Vole Wars

    1. I haven't poked that particular bear in some time. I don't know if it results in automatic spanking or not anymore.

        1. They created a script before, any word that came remotely close to trig resulted in automatic deletion and the risk of the banhammer. The whole thing kinda broke Layne, sadly.

          1. Oh yeah. Like people started posting "Roy Roger's horse" or " device that releases a spring.

          2. I felt bad for Jack Steuf, really. He only said shit everyone was thinking, and Mooselini ruined America, the end.

    1. A scourge for thousands of years.
      Some designer will reproduce them and someone will wear them at the Academy Awards.

      1. Next door peoples moved from Seattle. This is their first spring here and the guy is already, "Damn it's hot! Honey, maybe we shouldn't sell that house back there."

  1. Amazing the engineers and machinists who make those jigs, as well as the people working them and putting them together.

  2. 4 br. house in Cleveland suburb. Yes, Sunken floor. The one uncle who made some money. They stayed the fuck away from us as much as possible. Don't remember much else except that I was afraid to touch anything or move around.

  3. Carpet's an easy fix. I have barf brown shag in half of my house, and blue high-low in the living room. I have plans, but shit takes time and money.

  4. To be fair, the burnt orange will mask some problems. I don't think their bathroom was fully shagged, maybe just a large [ white ?] rug and covers. Maybe it's not for anyone to use. They had a little patch of woods outside, so I peed out there.

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