54 thoughts on “Hey Baby it’s the 4th of July

  1. Maybe a decade ago I'd be horrified at this but now…I saw this and the first thing I thought is "a good start, but needz moar guns and jacked up trucks".

    1. On a positive note, not every one of those is indicative of a twisted society.
      The ice in drinks, for example. Uhhhhh, there's probably another one.

      1. I have great confidence in Blue, who says this is true, but I also have the word of C_ R_ who was very strong and powerful just now in saying that it's not.

          1. Right there with you. Very disappointed with Soros and the rest of the Communist International Banker conspiracy. This was supposed to be a huge payday.

    1. USians will proudly drop trou in solidarity..

      [gets trou to drop out of the closet ]

      [eta: Probably won't put them on, but will drop them.]

    1. I thought all Taco Bell menu items just shuffled around the same ingredients in varying quantities on different flatbreads? I haven't been there in a while.

        1. I used to get an order of soft tacos now and then, it seemed the least offensive item on their menu. Since we got an El Pollo Loco, I never go to Taco Hell anymore. Not that I go to El Pollo very often either, but when the mood strikes and I'm in town, sure.

          1. I don't get all the Arby's ridicule. It's better than most other fast food joints, which is faint praise, obviously. I'm 120 miles from the nearest one, so I'm not in danger of eating much of it anyway. Taco Bell or El Pollo Loco are a mere 15 miles away. Not much danger there, either.

          2. There's a KFC 15 miles away, too. I don't remember the last time I ate there. Nothing against it, It's just on the wrong side of the street on my way out of town. We have limited opportunities here. My own town has three boarded up restaurants and four open restaurants. $30 for a medium pizza is more than I can afford. Two outdoor BBQ joints, one owned by MAGAts. The other one is excellent, but ever since Yelp called it the best in USAmerica, you can't get a parking place. Another MAGAt-infested place is part of a smol Italian chain from SoCal. I just cook shit at home, then reheat it for the rest of the week.

          3. That's what I just did. Am house-sitting so made little- boy-blue comfort food. Meatballs with onions and sour cream over egg noodles.
            KFC had two locations in town. Both closed a couple years ago. Then they opened one just outside the AFB . Always a line there.

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