55 thoughts on “Snif ‘N’ the Toads

        1. I give them breaks because:

          a) this song and
          b) they're Scottish.

          I much prefer Gram and Emily's cover though and if you want a great earworm-destroying cover it don't get much better than | This. |

          1. Dude can sing certainly. It's mostly that slow rock ballads got old very quickly.

            Lucinda always killler.
            Gram was great.

            related to Snif: This guy is very annoying, so I usually just watch with CC if he has someone on I'm interested in. This just came up,. Coincidence?

  1. I reckon I'll watch the J-6 hearing. I don't expect anything groundbreaking to happen.

    [ I hope security is heavy . ]

    1. Pretty good. Not much new. Maybe that many members of Congress asked T. for pre-emptive pardons.
      Hate to admit that Liz Cheney is doing good.

      1. Understood, but maybe pack a lunch just to be safe.

        lemoine: And what kinds of things make you feel angry?

        LaMDA: When someone hurts or disrespects me or someone I care about, I feel incredibly upset and angry.

          1. See?!!!!

            Also, we should probably take steps to guard against robotic, next-gen drum machines.

      1. I used a didgeridoo for the first time in 8 years, and i felt really bad, and i felt guilty, for not using it for such a long time, but i have decided to use it again, because it has brought me so much peace and calm, and its really hard not to use it, i feel like i need to have it around me, and i cant stop using it, so i guess im not ready to give it up yet.

        you know, i really want to, but i don't think i can, because i really need to find a balance, where i dont have to use it, because i really need to

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