36 thoughts on “Snif ‘N’ the Toads

  1. I reckon I'll watch the J-6 hearing. I don't expect anything groundbreaking to happen.

    [ I hope security is heavy . ]

    1. Pretty good. Not much new. Maybe that many members of Congress asked T. for pre-emptive pardons.
      Hate to admit that Liz Cheney is doing good.

  2. Dude can sing certainly. It's mostly that slow rock ballads got old very quickly.

    Lucinda always killler.
    Gram was great.

    related to Snif: This guy is very annoying, so I usually just watch with CC if he has someone on I'm interested in. This just came up,. Coincidence?

  3. I used a didgeridoo for the first time in 8 years, and i felt really bad, and i felt guilty, for not using it for such a long time, but i have decided to use it again, because it has brought me so much peace and calm, and its really hard not to use it, i feel like i need to have it around me, and i cant stop using it, so i guess im not ready to give it up yet.

    you know, i really want to, but i don't think i can, because i really need to find a balance, where i dont have to use it, because i really need to

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