62 thoughts on “Cephalopod Crowds Cause Cornish Crabbers Consternation

    1. Alas

      Hugh Grant tweeted a request at activists protesting outside Westminster to play the Benny Hill theme on their loudspeakers; when they did it became the soundtrack for street interviews

  1. Bro Mike Speaks
    · Jul 8
    This generation has normalized sex. This is scary, no fear of God, no remorse!

  2. Heh, so if the fight broke out in International waters , who's jurisdiction is it. Get these people in front of the ICC?

  3. I guess the questionable part of the comment involves the guy who fronted the MG's, and the instrument he played. That's who I thought it was, and not Sly

  4. Oh. Recently there were a couple "CERN Discovery Will Destroy the Universe " videos highlighted on YT. Which, at the time, sounded pretty good to me.

  5. Oh please tell me there was alcohol involved!

    "According to police, a witness and Ruiz were shooting fireworks and had been drinking when he decided to light a mortar-style firework from on top of his head."

    Thank you Jebus!

  6. People don't realize the explosive force in a mortar round. they just hear the boom and a few seconds later go "ooh! ahh!" Light one unconfined by the tube, and there's yer earth-shattering kaboom.

  7. I used to have a free and nearly inexhaustible source of mortar rounds confiscated by law enforcement. We had so much fun with them, stuffing them down rat burrows and blowing them up real good. Good times.

  8. My jerb at the time was guy in charge of a highway maintenance crew near the California/Nevada border. Every day we'd see trucks hauling containers of fireworks from the docks in San Pedro to the mega fireworks emporiums in Nevada. Starting a few weeks before the 4th, we see a bunch of rented vans and box trucks following the same route, but empty going to Nevada, and full of illegal fireworks headed back to southern California. The highway patrol would pick them off like fish in the proverbial barrel. I'd let them store them in a 40 foot shipping container I had on site. After the court cases were adjudicated, the evidence had to be destroyed. And that's when the fun began.

  9. It was a multi-agency free-for-all, I tells ya! Highway patrol, county sheriff's office, state transportation department, county road department, and a guy who was either a BLM or NPS law enforcement ranger, depending on where he wanted to patrol at any given moment in time. Death Valley Adjacent was an excellent place to work, but quite harsh as a place to live.

  10. How'd I know? I thought maybe it's a new honorific they had. Like now being addressed as 'Sir' or 'Dame'.

    Fields was another one that was in a lotta crappy movies, but damn he was the best when he was on screen. You could make a book just of stills of him like that one and it would be hilarious.

  11. Another jerb I held for many years was operating equipment at several county landfills. I hauled a bulldozer around to each one and took care of business for a few days before loading up and moving on to the next. One of them was Near Pickel Meadows Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in the High Sierra. Their method of disposal was load everything into that deuce and a half and haul it to the dump. Then, likely as not, some member of the Walker River Paiute Reservation would light the place on fire, and it looked pretty much like the apocalypse. Of course my jerb was to put out the fire while under fire. Good times.

  12. Yeah. A great moment. Alas, though I usually watch debates and stuff with CC, I had that on live sound and missed it. But the blogs and tweets were right on it.

  13. I don't remember when they started showing me tweets by people who people I'm following are following, but I've since then learned about ' see less often' or 'mute'.

    Oddly I have 31 followers, most of whom I have no idea. The ones I do are, ZD, his dad, a friend of ZD, and Lot49

  14. Etiqwhat?
    Uh, I'll check.
    [ I went 'real name' more or less if it matters. Most of my original tweets are usually telling some pols and pundits to fuckoff, eat shit etc. ]

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