32 thoughts on “Shut up, NPR (def read the Twitter responses)

  1. Close is right, though. It's definitely worth reading the Twit-responses on this one. How can NPR be so very out of touch? This is not normal, don't try to normalize.

      1. In nine days the electors make their choice. Let's hope they choose to save us from our grope-y, racist uncle who just won $50,000 playing scratch-offs.

        Ha, excellent!

      2. “I’ve got progressive friends gloating that we’ve finally had done to us what we’ve done to other countries. That Hillary somehow deserves this. That WE somehow deserve this. That infuriating cliche about, ‘It’s actually GOOD if Trump destroys everything it’ll start a revolution BLAH BLAH BLAH F**KING BLAH.’”

        Oh FUCK those fauxgressives with a chainsaw*. The Latino kids in my neighborhood who are freaking the fuck out worrying that their parents will be deported do NOT deserve this. Ditto for Muslim/AA/immigrant kids, young girls, and children in LGBTQ families FFS.

        If anyone wants me, I'll be in the corner blowing a gasket.

        * fine, with fucking votes

        1. This is exactly what Ralph Nader said in a post 2000 election interview – that he's glad Bush was elected in that life would get so horribly bad that the American Public would suddenly rise up, vote Republicans out and usher in the new Progressive Era.
          Well, after snoozing us into the worst domestic attack since Pearl Harbor, one bungled war, one war of choice based wholly on lies and fantasy, widespread illegal state-of-the-art spying, incompetent hacks in charge of Federal emergency management while a major American city drowns and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, we see how that went.
          Millions of people worldwide were impoverished, hundreds of thousands died for no good reason at all, the Mideast is in violent shambles to this day, a Republican congress has stymied progress for almost 8 years and now, we have what has to be the worst possible president-Elect at the worst possible time.

          Fuck you, Nader. Only a narcissistic sociopath would say that.

  2. When people tell me they listen to NPR, I cut them off, personally, for good. theirs is an admission to a happily lesser state of being. They deserve only contempt.

    1. I heard something on there yesterday that was patently false and said casually and the other person in the conversation just let it slide and the conversation continued. This was two of their journalist hosts. I don't remember what the comment was, but it was a huge thing, I think maybe his selecting someone for Sec of Defense who has a military background and them casually saying that, oh, la de da, this has happened before. It was obscenely shoddy journalism. They do this a lot. Drives me nuts.

    2. I'll admit to watching Marketplace, but that's because Kai Rysdall actually asked Donald a tough question or two. Otherwise, I listen mostly to monitor shit like what Close Read said below.

    3. Wow…there's stuff on NPR I like- Science Friday, Fresh Air, world news from the BBC. The local station here in SF is pretty good. I probably get more of my news fro The Guardian and the NYT than any other places, but yeah, try to get reliable sources. Reminds me of the other side, when I subscribed to The Utne Reader in the 1980s and found that it had enough "left wing for left wing's sake" stuff and flat out wrong stuff I cancelled my subscription after a year.

    1. OK, so we can get to Peggy Noonan for free, but only if we pass through Mickey Kaus? WTH kind of deal is that?

      "You can eat this poop for free, but only if you stick these forks in your eyes first."

  3. Does anyone know how to see the most recent responses to a tweet first? I am tried of scrolling down through these NPR responses to get to the newest ones.

  4. So many of those twitterers (that is too a word, damn it!) are in my boat, disabled, on SS and Medicare, and terrified of what could be coming if Eddie Munster has his way.

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