Today’s temperature is forecast to be MUCH WARMER than yesterday.

75 thoughts on “Today’s temperature is forecast to be MUCH WARMER than yesterday.

  1. Anyone wanna see the letter McSally sent to me about not convicting The Idiot?

    A sample:

    I opposed removing the president from office and the 2020 ballot as this outcome would have been deeply disruptive to the functioning of our government, further divided our nation, and would prevent the American people from deciding who their president should be at the ballot box

      1. Hell, I'm so far just listing how much T has disrupted the govt. functions.

        I 'd better stop for now. Am getting a little upset.
        Have a beer or six, Blue.

      1. I came through this fine, thanks, because most of the action was south and west of me and all I got was huge rain and wind squalls as the front barreled through.. Driving in to work towards a totally black sky, tuning to the AM traffic station and having them switched to live tornado reporting on the local NBC TV affiliate station was unnerving to say the least.
        | Some people lost a lot, though, | but fortunately no lives this time.
        This area's only recorded 4 tornadoes in February since 1950. We just had 5 or 6 *in one day*. Much normal.

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