37 thoughts on “Just Another Squiddy Friday

  1. A team of scientists in Japan captured video of squid camouflaging with their surroundings, much like octopuses and cuttlefish do.

    The DOD don't want this widely known, but camouflaged advance scouting squid units have been engaged by human defense forces around civil and military installation sites that are located well inland. They could be lurking in your back yard now. Be careful out there!

      1. It ain't not there, (it's just hid!) And, I've got the eye for the squid!

        There was a flash cut of a dead Architeuthis and one other misc. squid, but that's it. I think a strongly worded post to Nextdoor is in order.

  2. As my old neighbor used to say in his Texas drawl,"Natchral, it's dry now"
    Yes , he called me 'Natural'.

    Dew Point
    -1 F
    3 %

    1. This would be me, except:
      1) Whar beard, and
      B) I spent the past week repainting my bathroom, and
      iii) Come on, pants?

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