Ласкаво просимо в пекло

44 thoughts on “Ласкаво просимо в пекло

  1. Found this on a Ukrainian combat journalist's Twitter feed and it's hands down one of the most terrifying things I've ever encountered on that hellsite. Here's a backrounder on the vid :


    May 2
    In this 🧵, I'll continue my analysis of this remarkable Ukrainian propaganda video (mildly graphic content below). The first part of the video depicts Ukraine's complaints about Russia; the second part is a call to arms and revenge against Russia.

  2. If Putin thought that the Ukrainians would just roll over for his invasion and let him install yet another land-pillaging kleptocracy, then…I don't think he or any of his advisors ever met any Ukrainians.
    No people who worship the goddess

    " Mara (also variously Marzanna, Morena or Morana), the goddess of death and rebirth. She's a fate-goddess who rides the night winds and drinks the blood of men."

    <img src=""&gt;

    are anyone to fuck around with. This can only end with Zelinsky with his feet up on Putin's desk and Russia's war machine in WWII-esque ruins.

  3. I did this for the Russian kids who don't want to meet Mara.

    Chorus of "Draft Dodger Rag" google translated into Russian:

    «Сержант, мне всего восемнадцать, у меня разрыв селезенки.
    И я всегда ношу с собой сумочку
    У меня глаза как у летучей мыши,
    а ноги плоские
    Моя астма ухудшается"
    «Да, подумай о моей карьере, моя дорогая,
    И моя бедная старая инвалидная тетка
    Кроме того, я не дурак, я иду в школу
    А я работаю на оборонном заводе"

    1. This is so good it needs to find its way over to Anon. or the Ukr Hacker Collective so they can post it up to whatever passes for the Russian evening news these days.

          1. Fun Fact: The Moody Blues' original album title was "In Search of the Brown Note" but the USAF made them change it and rewrite a lot of the songs for "National Security" reasons.

          2. Apparently the Feds seized all the early session tapes, so we may never know if the rumor's true that John Lodge's enhanced bass line caused the entire room to shit themselves and a very expensive mixing board was shorted out by the sound engineer's stomach contents,

            Perhaps it's just as well.

          3. I used to be a progressive, but became a libertarian because Soros didn't send me a check.

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